viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013

Premiere CINEASTAS / Kunstenfestival des arts / Brussels

CINEASTAS estreno mundial en Bruselas!!

Cineastas Creation

theatre -
Buenos Aires
16, 17, 19/05 – 20:30

18/05 – 18:00

ES > FR / NL

±1h 40min
€ 16 / € 12
Meet the artists after the performance on 17/05
The Kunstenfestivaldesarts has long followed the career of Mariano Pensotti who is now acknowledged as one of the best writers and directors around. With his productions for the public space as well as his stage works, the Argentinian has developed a “clear line”, taking processes from cinema to revive theatrical narration with some panache. Premiering at the festival, Cineastas, a virtuoso “filmic drama” without any images being projected, is a show about four film directors in Buenos Aires – about the films they are making, their lives, and the city where these stories take place. Five actors play all the roles on two superimposed stages, like a split screen. The intertwining of short narrative fragments blurs the boundary between their lives and their work. Are the fictions really mirroring the world or is it art that is constructing the individuals? And is creation simply a way of outwitting oblivion? Ingmar Bergman said that “only the ephemeral lasts”…

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